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Siobhan Chin
Children's Author

Inspiring a generation to appreciate and celebrate the beauty of unique differences, diversity and disability in children's literature



Siobhan Chin is a passionate author dedicated to promoting understanding and celebrating unique differences, diversity and disability in children's literature. Her debut book, "Sparkle, The Black Patchwork Pony," marks the beginning of her journey towards creating inclusive and empowering stories for young readers.

Siobhan's decision to become a children's author stems from her personal experiences as a single mother to two extraordinary daughters. Her eldest, Asia-Leigh, has a remarkable story as an international model and a cancer survivor currently in remission. Meanwhile, Siobhan's youngest, Ming-Lee, defied the odds after being born extremely premature, weighing only 360g and given a slim chance of survival. Despite facing various disabilities, Ming-Lee's resilience, strength and determination have been nurtured by Siobhan's love and care.

Realising the scarcity of disabled characters in children's literature inspired Siobhan to take action. Through her writing, she seeks to bridge the gap and create stories that educate young children about the importance of accepting one another's unique differences. As a devoted mother, Siobhan understands the significance of representation and inclusivity in shaping children's perceptions, fostering empathy and nurturing respect for diversity.

Recognising the impact of books on children's development, Siobhan strives to contribute to the positive growth of young minds, and believes that children's literature plays a vital role in helping children learn about themselves, others and the world around them. She understands that children's literature not only imparts knowledge and enhances communication skills but also offers emotional support during challenging times.

Siobhan's stories aim to promote awareness, acceptance and knowledge that counteract ignorance, misperceptions and stereotypes about disability. 

By authentically portraying a diverse range of characters, Siobhan's stories enable children to develop empathy, inclusion and a more realistic understanding of the world they inhabit.

Siobhan Chin's mission as an author is to inspire young hearts and minds, cultivating a generation that appreciates and celebrates the beauty of our unique differences. Through her heartfelt stories, Siobhan aims to create a more inclusive and compassionate world for children—one where diversity is valued, understood and embraced by all.




This book is about a unique black patchwork pony that feels rejected by her peers and all she hopes for, is to belong and feel a part of her animal friends, without standing out and constantly being reminded that she is different. This book focuses on inclusion, diversity and mental wellbeing which will help children to understand the importance of accepting one another’s unique differences.

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“Siobhan's story is truly heart-warming and beautifully written. My kids love Sparkle, The Black Patchwork Pony!”

- Byron Elcock



"Sparkle, The Black Patchwork Pony, is a delightful and impactful book that every child should read."

- Alan Davidson


“Siobhan's storytelling is powerful and captivating. Her books leave a lasting impression on young readers.”

-Niamh Hawes







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